Adjectives to describe people

Here are some English adjectives you can use when talking about people. We give the adjective, definition, and example sentence.

adjective (noun): A part-of-speech that modifies or describes a noun or a pronoun.

An adjective often comes BEFORE a noun: a big car, loud music. And sometimes an adjective comes AFTER a verb: My car is big. It sounded loud. Learn more about adjectives.

adventurous (adjective): An adventurous person enjoys taking risks and trying new experiences. – Adventurous travellers love exploring remote places.

ambitious (adjective): An ambitious person has strong goals and works hard to achieve them. – She is an ambitious student and wants to excel in her studies.

caring (adjective): A caring person shows concern and looks out for the well-being of others. – The caring nurse comforted the patients with compassion.

cheerful (adjective): A cheerful person is happy and brings a positive attitude. – His cheerful personality always brightens up the room.

compassionate (adjective): A compassionate person shows empathy and care for others’ feelings. – She is a compassionate volunteer who helps those in need with a kind heart.

confident (adjective): A confident person believes in himself and his abilities. – As a speaker he is very confident and delivers impressive presentations.

considerate (adjective): A considerate person is thoughtful and shows concern for others’ needs and feelings. – Considerate friends always remember special occasions and surprise others with thoughtful gifts.

creative (adjective): A creative person has a great imagination and comes up with original ideas. – Jenny is a very creative artist and produces unique costume designs.

dependable (adjective): A dependable person can be trusted and relied upon. – The dependable employee is always punctual and efficient.

determined (adjective): A determined person is resolute and persistent in achieving his goals. – The determined athlete practised diligently to win the competition.

friendly (adjective): A friendly person is kind and pleasant to others. – My neighbour is very friendly and always greets me with a smile.

funny (adjective): A funny person has a good sense of humour and makes others laugh. – The funny comedian had the audience roaring with laughter.

generous (adjective): A generous person is willing to give and share with others. – A generous donor contributed to the charity and helped many people.

hardworking (adjective): A hardworking person puts in a lot of effort and works diligently. – The hardworking student earned top grades in all subjects.

helpful (adjective): A helpful person is ready to assist and offer support to others. – Our very helpful neighbour offered to water our plants while we were away.

honest (adjective): An honest person tells the truth and can be trusted. – It’s important to be honest and admit when you make a mistake.

intelligent (adjective): An intelligent person is smart and has a good understanding. – He was an intelligent student and scored highly in the test.

optimistic (adjective): An optimistic person has a positive outlook on life and believes in favourable outcomes. – The optimistic boy sees the bright side of every situation.

organized (adjective): An organised person is orderly and keeps things well arranged. – A well organized secretary keeps the office running smoothly.

outgoing (adjective): An outgoing person is sociable and enjoys meeting new people. – The outgoing girl made friends easily in her new school.

patient (adjective): A patient person can remain calm and understanding, especially in difficult situations. – The teacher was patient and helped the students understand the lesson.

polite (adjective): A polite person is courteous and shows good manners. – The polite gentleman held the door open for the other people.

reliable (adjective): A reliable person can be counted on to do what he says. – She is a reliable friend who is always there when you need her.

responsible (adjective): A responsible person can be trusted to do his duties and take care of things. – She is a responsible employee who always meets deadlines.

shy (adjective): A shy person is timid or uncomfortable in social situations. – Shy boys often prefer to spend time alone or with close friends.

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