Adjectives to describe places

Here are some English adjectives you can use when talking about places. We give the adjective, definition, and example sentence.

adjective (noun): A part-of-speech that modifies or describes a noun or a pronoun.

An adjective often comes BEFORE a noun: a big car, loud music. And sometimes an adjective comes AFTER a verb: My car is big. It sounded loud. Learn more about adjectives.

beautiful (adjective): Having qualities that delight the senses and create an aesthetic appeal. – The countryside is full of beautiful landscapes.

breathtaking (adjective): Extremely impressive or awe-inspiring. – The view of the sunset over the ocean was truly breathtaking.

bustling (adjective): Full of activity, energy, and excitement. – The city’s central market is always bustling with people and vendors.

charming (adjective): Delightful and attractive, often with a quaint or special appeal. – The old town has a charming atmosphere with its narrow alleys.

cosmopolitan (adjective): Reflecting a blend of different cultures and nationalities. – The city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere attracts people from all over the world.

desolate (adjective): Barren, empty, and lacking signs of life or human activity. – The planet Mars seems to have a desolate landscape with little but red dust and rocks.

eerie (adjective): Strange and unsettling, often associated with an atmosphere of mystery. – The abandoned house had an eerie feel, making us reluctant to explore.

enchanting (adjective): Delightfully charming and captivating. – The small town’s enchanting streets were adorned with twinkling lights during the festival.

extraordinary (adjective): Remarkable and exceptional, surpassing the ordinary. – The extraordinary architecture of the cathedral left us in awe.

ghostly (adjective): Of or relating to ghosts or resembling a ghost in appearance or sound. – In the moonlight, the old graveyard took on a ghostly appearance.

historic (adjective): Relating to important past events or possessing significant historical value. – The city’s historic landmarks attract tourists from around the world.

idyllic (adjective): Extremely picturesque and peaceful, like a perfect paradise. – The idyllic countryside is a haven for nature lovers.

lively (adjective): Full of energy and animated activity. – The city center is lively, with street performers entertaining the crowds.

majestic (adjective): Having grandeur and dignity, often associated with impressive size or beauty. – The majestic mountain range took our breath away with its towering peaks.

modern (adjective): Characterized by the latest and most up-to-date features and design. – The city has many modern skyscrapers and buildings.

panoramic (adjective): Providing a wide and comprehensive view of a large area. – From the top of the hill, we enjoyed a panoramic vista of the city.

peaceful (adjective): Calm and quiet, free from disturbance or noise. – The beach at sunrise is so peaceful and serene.

picturesque (adjective): Visually attractive, like a picture or painting. – The small village is nestled in a picturesque valley.

quaint (adjective): Attractively old-fashioned or picturesque. – The village has a quaint charm with its thatched cottages.

remote (adjective): Far away from urban areas, often challenging to access. – The cabin is located in a remote area, surrounded by nature.

romantic (adjective): Evoking feelings of love, affection, and enchantment. – The quaint village was a romantic destination for honeymooners.

scenic (adjective): Providing pleasing views of natural or picturesque surroundings. – We took a scenic route through the mountains.

secluded (adjective): Hidden or private, away from busy or crowded areas. – The secluded beach offers a tranquil escape from the world.

secret (adjective): Concealed or not widely known, often associated with a sense of mystery. – They discovered a secret garden hidden behind the ancient wall.

serene (adjective): Calm, peaceful, and undisturbed. – The garden offered a serene and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

spacious (adjective): Having ample space, roomy and not crowded. – The hotel room was spacious, with a lovely view of the garden.

tranquil (adjective): Calm and serene, free from disturbance. – The tranquil lake is an ideal spot for meditation and reflection.

unspoiled (adjective): Remaining in its original state without being damaged or altered. – The beach is unspoiled, with pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters.

vibrant (adjective): Pulsating with life and color, often associated with a lively atmosphere. – The city’s vibrant nightlife offers entertainment for all.

windswept (adjective): Exposed to strong winds, often giving a wild and rugged appearance. – The windswept cliffs provided a breathtaking view of the ocean.