Adjectives to describe things

Here are some English adjectives you can use when talking about things. We give the adjective, definition, and example sentence.

adjective (noun): A part-of-speech that modifies or describes a noun or a pronoun.

An adjective often comes BEFORE a noun: a big car, loud music. And sometimes an adjective comes AFTER a verb: My car is big. It sounded loud. Learn more about adjectives.

big (adjective): Of great size or extent. – Everything in America is big.

bitter (adjective): Having a sharp and unpleasant taste. – The bitter coffee left a strong aftertaste.

blue (adjective): Having the colour of the clear sky or the deep sea. – The sky was painted in beautiful shades of blue.

damp (adjective): Slightly wet or moist. – The ground was damp after the rain.

fragrant (adjective): Having a pleasant and sweet-smelling aroma. – The garden was filled with fragrant flowers.

fruity (adjective): Having the flavor or aroma of ripe fruit. – The wine had a fruity and refreshing taste.

hard (adjective): Solid, firm, and not easily bent or broken. – The diamond is one of the hardest materials on Earth.

high-pitched (adjective): Having a high frequency or sharp sound. – The bird’s song was high-pitched and melodious.

loud (adjective): Producing a strong or intense sound. – The speakers were so loud that everyone could hear the music.

long (adjective): Having great length or extending over a considerable distance. – The river was long and winding.

musty (adjective): Stale, damp, and having an unpleasant smell. – The old books in the library had a musty odor.

noisy (adjective): Full of noise or sound, often in an unpleasant or disturbing way. – The crowded market was noisy with vendors calling out their goods.

quiet (adjective): Free from noise or sound. – The library was a quiet place to study and read.

rectangular (adjective): Having four right angles and opposite sides equal. – The room had a rectangular shape, providing ample space.

red (adjective): Having the colour of blood or rubies. – The car screeched to a halt as the traffic lights turned red.

rough (adjective): Having an uneven or coarse surface. – The rough road made the journey bumpy and uncomfortable.

round (adjective): Having a curved or circular shape. – The moon was full and round in the night sky.

rumbling (adjective): Making a deep, continuous, and low-pitched sound. – The rumbling thunder signaled an approaching storm.

short (adjective): Not long in length. Measuring a small distance from end to end. – The bed was too short for him.

small (adjective): Not large in size or amount. – She picked up a small pebble from the beach.

smelly (adjective): Having an unpleasant or offensive odor. – The garbage bin was smelly and needed to be emptied.

smooth (adjective): Having a flat, even, and polished surface. – The smooth ice allowed the skaters to glide effortlessly.

soft (adjective): Pleasantly yielding to touch or pressure. – The soft pillow provided comfort for a good night’s sleep.

spherical (adjective): Shaped like a sphere or ball. – The Earth is a spherical planet.

square (adjective): Having four equal sides and four right angles. – The table was square and could seat four people.

squeaky (adjective): Making a high-pitched, creaking sound. – The old door made a squeaky noise when we opened it.

sweet (adjective): Having the pleasant taste of sugar or honey. – The ripe mango was juicy and sweet.