Appliances list

Here are some common English words you can use when talking about household appliances. We list the wordpart of speechdefinition, and an example sentence.

appliance (noun): A machine or device that performs a particular function, such as cooking and cleaning, or that provides sound, heat or cool air. – Our fridge is the largest appliance in our home.


computer, desktop computer (noun): A device used for work and storing information that sits on a desk. – I do all my work on my personal computer.

electric kettle

electric kettle (noun): – A free-standing appliance that is used for boiling water. – I filled the kettle with water to make myself a cup of tea.


fan (noun): An appliance with moving blades that creates cold air. – It was hot in my bedroom, so I turned on the fan.

refrigerator or fridge

fridge (noun): A large appliance with a door that is used for keeping food and drink cold. – I opened the fridge and took out a cold beer.

hair dryer

hair dryer (noun): An appliance that is used for drying hair with hot air. – After washing my hair, I dried it with a hair dryer.

electric iron

iron, steam iron (noun): An appliance that is used for removing creases from clothing. – I use my steam iron to iron my shirts for work.


microwave oven (noun): An appliance that is used to heat food quickly. – I heated up some soup in the microwave.

television or TV

television (noun): A device used for entertainment that has a wide, flat screen on which one can watch moving images and hear sounds. – I watched the match on my widescreen television.

vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner (noun): An appliance with suction that is used for removing dust, hair, and particles from floors. – I use my vacuum cleaner to remove cat hair from the carpet.

washing machine

washing machine (noun): An appliance that is used for washing clothes. – I put my dirty clothes in the washing machine, and then I turned it on.