Furniture list

Here are some common English words you can use when talking about furniture. We list the word, part of speech, definition, and an example sentence.

furniture (noun): Movable objects in a home or office that are used for putting things on or in, or for sitting or lying on. – We have a lot of furniture in our living room.


armchair(noun): A comfortable chair with arms that is designed for one person to sit in. – I enjoy sitting in my armchair and reading the newspaper.


bed (noun): A piece of furniture with a mattress that is designed for sleeping on. – I got into bed and fell asleep.


chair (noun): A piece of furniture with four legs and a back on which a person can sit. – I sat down on my chair and started to eat my lunch.


chest of drawers (noun): A piece of furniture used for storage that has drawers that open and close. – I keep my socks and T-shirts in my chest of drawers.


lamp (noun): A device with a shade and a bulb that produces light. – It was dark in the room, so I turned on the lamp.


office chair (noun): A chair with wheels and a back that is used when sitting at a desk. – I sit on an office chair when I am working.


sideboard (noun): A piece of furniture used for storage with a flat top, drawers, and cupboards. – We store our knives and forks in the top drawer of our sideboard.


sofaUK couchUS (noun): A long, comfortable seat with a back and arms that is designed to seat two or more people. – We sit on our sofa and watch television every night.


table (noun): A flat surface supported by legs that is used for eating, writing, or working at. – We eat our dinner at the dining room table every evening.


wardrobe (noun): A large piece of furniture with a door that is used for hanging clothes in. – I hang all my dresses in my wardrobe.