Homes vocabulary

Here are some common English words you can use when talking about homes. We list the wordpart of speechdefinition, and an example sentence.

home (noun): A house, building, or other form of shelter in which a person, family, or group of people live. – My wife and I have lived in our home for nearly five years.

apartment (noun): A self-contained residential unit within an apartment building. – There are sixteen apartments in our building.

apartment building (noun): A building with several floors that is divided into separate apartments. – I live in a six-storey apartment building.

bungalow (noun): A house that has only one floor. – The best thing about living in a bungalow is not having to walk up any stairs.

cabin (noun): A small wooden house situated in a remote area. – My uncle lives in a cabin in the woods.

caravan (noun): A vehicle with wheels that is designed for living or travelling in. – My sister travels all over the country in her caravan.

chalet (noun): A wooden house or holiday home in the mountains. – When we visited Switzerland last year, we stayed in a chalet in the mountains.

cottage (noun): A small house with a low roof that is situated in the country. – My grandmother lives in a tiny cottage in a village just west of Oxford.

detached house (noun): A house that is not attached to any other houses. –  As I live in a detached house, I rarely hear my neighbours.

duplex (noun): A two-storey house that is divided into two apartments, with an apartment on each floor. – I live on the ground floor of a duplex.

flat (noun): A set of rooms on one floor that are used as a single, self-contained residence within an apartment building. – Jim recently moved into a flat with his girlfriend.

houseboat (noun): A boat that is designed and used for living on. – My sister lives on a houseboat on the river.

maisonette (noun): A house within or connected to a building that has its own separate entrance. – Our maisonette is connected to a six-storey building.

mansion (noun): An extremely large and often luxurious house. – Leonard lives in a mansion with twelve bedrooms and a huge garden.

mobile home (noun): A home built in a factory that is capable of being moved. – Unlike houses, mobile homes aren’t attached to the ground.

terraced house (noun):A house built into a row of identical houses. – We live in­ a terraced house, so we have neighbours on either side of us. 

treehouse (noun): A house that is built in a tree. – I would love to live in a treehouse in the middle of a forest.

villa (noun): A large luxurious house, used for holidays in Mediterranean countries. – Last summer, we rented a villa in Spain and stayed there for two weeks.

yurt (noun): A circular tent with high ceilings that can withstand harsh weather conditions. – We stayed in a yurt that was just as comfortable as a house.