Houses vocabulary

Here are some common English words you can use when talking about houses. We list the wordpart of speechdefinition, and an example sentence.

house (noun): A building with different rooms in it that is designed for living in. – Mary lives in a three-bedroom house. 

attic (noun): A room or space at the top of a house, directly under the roof. – We store a lot of things we don’t use very often in our attic.

balcony (noun): An outside platform with bars around it that is attached to the wall of a house or building. – We have a small table on our balcony.

basement (noun): A floor of a house that is below ground level. – We keep a lot of tools down in our basement.

bathroom (noun): A room designed for washing in, with a sink, a toilet, and often a shower or bath. – John is in the bathroom, having a shower.

bedroom (noun): A room in which a person sleeps. – The children were asleep in their bedroom.

ceiling (noun): The inside surface at the top of a room, opposite the floor. – I looked up at the ceiling.

chimney (noun): An empty column through which smoke travels up from the fireplace to the roof. – There was smoke coming out of the chimney.

closet (noun): An empty space in a wall that has a door and is used for storage. – I keep most of my clothes in the closet in my bedroom.

den (noun): An extra room in a house that is often used for watching television, gaming, or relaxing in. – We watch television in our den at weekends.

dining room (noun): A room that is designed for eating in. – There is a table with six chairs in our dining room.

door (noun): A flat object which one opens and walks through to enter a house or room. – I opened the front door and walked into the house.

ensuite (noun): A bathroom that is connected to a bedroom. – We have an ensuite with an enormous shower in it.

fence (noun): A wall that surrounds a garden. – I looked over the fence into Fred’s garden.

fireplace (noun): A space in the wall of a room designed to build a fire in. – There was a fire burning in the fireplace.

floor (noun): The surface on which one stands when inside a house or building. – I put my bag down on the floor.

garage (noun): A building that is often attached to a house that is designed for putting cars and other vehicles in. – I opened the garage door and parked the car inside.

garden (noun): An outside area that belongs to a house. – We love sitting outside in our garden when it’s sunny.

gate (noun): The door of a fence. – I opened the gate and walked into the garden.

hall (noun): The narrow area inside the entrance of a house that leads to other rooms. – I walked down the hall until I found my bedroom door.

kitchen (noun): A room that is designed for cooking and food preparation. – Mum was making dinner in the kitchen.

living room (noun): A room designed for sitting comfortably in and for receiving guests. – Our guests were sitting on the sofa in our living room.

pantry (noun): A small room attached to a kitchen in which food is stored. . – Our pantry is full of jars and cans of food.

pipe (noun): A tube through which water travels in a house or building. – I could hear the water travelling through the pipes.

roof (noun): The outer surface at the top of a house. – There were several birds sitting on the roof of the house.

room (noun): A contained space in a house with its own walls, and door. – The biggest room in our house is the living room.

shed (noun): A small building found in garden that is used for storing tools and outdoor equipment. – We keep most of our gardening equipment in our shed.

staircase / stairs (noun): A set of steps that lead from one floor of a building to another. – I walked up the stairs to my bedroom.

study (noun): A room with a desk in it which is designed for work. – Jim was working in his study.

utility room (noun): A room which contains a sink, a washing machine, and other equipment used for housework. – Maria was in the utility room, doing the laundry.

wall (noun): Vertical structures that separate the rooms of a house or building. – There were a few pictures on the wall.

window (noun): An opening in a wall that is fitted with glass designed for looking in and out of. – I looked out the window at the garden below.