Jobs list

Here is a list of some of the most common jobs in English. We list the job, definition, and an example sentence.

job (noun): A paid position of regular employment. – The new scheme will create some 300 jobs.

accountant (noun): A person who looks after and inspects financial accounts. – My accountant told me how much tax I had to pay.

actor/actress (noun): A person who plays the part of a character in a film, television programme, or play. – Who was the actor that played Superman in the film? | She won the Actress of the Year Award.

architect (noun): A person who designs buildings and structures. – The architect created a beautiful and functional design for the new library.

artist (noun): A person who creates art such as paintings, sculptures or music. – My sister is a talented artist who loves to paint.

bank teller (noun): A person who deals with customers’ transactions in a bank. – I asked the bank teller to deposit the cheque into my account.

builder (noun): A person who constructs buildings. – The builders have nearly finished constructing our house.

cashier (noun): A person who handles money transactions at a store or restaurant. – The cashier rang up my items and gave me the receipt.

chef (noun): A person who cooks professionally, often in a restaurant. – The chef at this restaurant creates delicious dishes.

dentist (noun): A person who is qualified to look after people’s teeth. – I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned.

doctor (noun): A person who treats and cares for patients’ medical needs. – My sister wants to become a doctor and help people.

electrician (noun): A person who installs and repairs electrical systems. – The electrician fixed the wiring in our house.

engineer (noun): A person who designs structures and machines. – The bridge was designed by a Swedish engineer.

farmer (noun): A person who operates a farm and cultivates crops and animals. – The farmer was in the field, harvesting his carrots.

firefighter (noun): A person who extinguishes fires and helps in emergencies. – It took the firefighters an hour to put out the fire.

flight attendant (noun): A person who looks after passengers on a plane. The flight attendant welcomed us onto the plane.

gardener (noun): A person who looks after the gardens and grounds of a home or other property. – The gardener was watering the plants in the flower beds.

journalist (noun): A person who writes or broadcasts news stories. – My sister is a journalist. She works for a local newspaper.

judge (noun): A person who is authorised to make legal decisions in a court of law. – The judge sentenced the criminal to one year in prison for robbery.

lawyer (noun): A person who provides legal advice and represents clients in legal matters. – I needed some legal advice, so I contacted my lawyer.

librarian (noun): A person who manages and organizes books and other materials in a library. – The librarian helped me find a great book to read.

mechanic (noun): A person who repairs and maintains vehicles or machinery. – The mechanic fixed my car’s engine and it’s running smoothly now.

musician (noun): A person who plays a musical instrument or sings professionally. – The musician entertained the audience with their beautiful melodies.

nanny (noun): A person who is privately employed to look after children. – The nanny picks the children up from school each day.

nurse (noun): A person who is trained to look after patients in a hospital or clinic. – The nurse took the patient’s temperature and then gave him his medicine.

pilot (noun): A person who flies an airplane. – Despite the terrible weather, the pilot managed to land the plane safely.

plumber (noun): A person who installs and repairs water pipes and water systems. – The plumber fixed the leaky tap and pipes in the bathroom.

police officer (noun): A person who maintains law and order and enforces the law. – The police officer helped the lost child find her way home.

real estate agent (noun): A person who rents out and sells property for others. – The real estate agent gave us a tour of the house.

receptionist (noun): A person who greets people and answers the phone in an office, hotel, clinic etc. – The receptionist greeted us when we checked into the hotel.

scientist (noun): A person who conducts scientific research and experiments. – The scientist made an important discovery in the lab.

soldier (noun): A person who serves in an army and may be engaged in war on land. – The Second World War saw the largest deployment of soldiers in history.

surgeon (noun): A doctor qualified to perform surgery (usually involving cutting into patients). – It took the surgeon an hour to perform the operation.

teacher (noun): A person who educates students in a school or other learning environment. – Mr. Johnson is a great teacher; he makes learning fun.

veterinarian, vet (noun): A doctor who specialises in animal care. – My cat was ill, so I took it to see the vet.

waiter/waitress (noun): A person who serves customers in a restaurant. – It took the waitress a long time to bring us our meal because she was so busy.

writer (noun): A person who creates fictional or non-fictional written works such as novels, newspaper articles, film scripts, advertising copy etc. – Many writers dream of publishing a bestselling book.