Weather vocabulary

Here are some English words you can use when talking about the weather. We give the word, part of speech, definition or meaning, and example sentence.

blizzard (noun): a big snowstorm with strong winds – We had a blizzard yesterday with lots of snow.

cloudy (adjective): when the sky is covered with clouds – It’s a bit cloudy today, so there won’t be much sun.

cold (adjective): when the temperature is low – Don’t forget to wear warm clothes; it’s cold outside.

drizzle (noun): light rain that falls in very small drops – Don’t forget your umbrella; there might be drizzle.

dry (adjective): when there is no rain or moisture – It hasn’t rained in a while, and everything is dry.

foggy (adjective): when it’s misty and hard to see – Be careful while driving in foggy conditions.

freezing (adjective): extremely cold, like ice – Wear warm clothes; it’s freezing out there.

hail (noun): small balls of ice that fall from the sky – During the storm, we experienced hailstones.

heatwave (noun): a long period of extremely hot weather – We’re having a heatwave, so drink lots of water and stay cool.

humid (adjective): when the air feels wet and sticky – The summer months can be hot and humid.

lightning (noun): the bright light you sometimes see during a storm⚡️– Did you see the lightning flashing in the sky?

misty (adjective): when there is a light fog in the air – Early mornings are often misty here.

rainy (adjective): when it’s raining – Take an umbrella; it’s going to be a rainy day. ☔️

showers (noun): short periods of rain – Take a raincoat; there might be showers later.

snow (noun): soft, white ice crystals that fall from the sky – The children are excited to play in the snow.

stormy (adjective): when there are storms with thunder and lightning – Stay indoors during a stormy night.

sunny (adjective): when the sun is shining brightly – Let’s go outside and enjoy the sunny weather.

thunderstorm ⛈️ (noun): a storm with loud noises and flashes of lightning – We had a big thunderstorm last night.

weather (noun): the state of the air outside – I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow.

windy (adjective): when there is a lot of wind – Be careful, it’s quite windy outside.